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Hope is not strategy, Marketing is.



  • Search Engine Optimisation

    SEO is all about making your brand visible in organic searches. For example, if you own a restaurant in Cape Town, your website should be visible in search results for queries such as best restaurants in Cape Town, restaurants in cape town, etc. People trust search engines & use them widely to get answers for their questions. In case your website is not appearing for searches related to your industry, products or services then you are particularly losing a great source of revenue. We make you visible in SERP results that matters to you. How we do it? By understanding your audience personas & optimizing your website to serve as answers for their queries. How we do it?

  • Search Engine Optimisation


  • Socialmediamarketing
  • Social Media Marketing

    For us, Social Media Marketing is about making your brand engaging on social media platforms such as Facebook, Twitter, Linkedin, G+ & Pinterest. Social media can’t be ignored by brands now as search engines too give importance to social signals such as how many people like what you are sharing on these social platforms. Want to know what we do to get best out of these social media platforms? These are our services offered in the domain of Social Media Marketing: • Content creation for social media platforms
    • Monitoring social media pages
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  • Media Planning & Buying

    We remove the guesswork of reaching your target audience by properly analyzing the channels & getting the best deal.
    • Understanding your target market
    • Researching for influential channels
    • Communication & Negotiation
    • Designing your creatives
    • Managing ads & analyzing ROI
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  • Know Your Taregt Audience


  • Content Marketing
  • Content Marketing

    Content is king & this will remain true till eternity. Though the form of content will keep on growing with the changing times but the value of engaging content will never be questioned. And that’s why it has become the perfect way of marketing. Here goes our offerings related to content marketing :
    • Content Development
    • Blog Management
    • Content Promotion
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  • Email Marketing

    Whether it’s about announcing a one day sale or a new product, email marketing is the most cost effective way to reach your customers for repeated sales. Email marketing need to be very well planned in order to get the ROI from it. We at iServices plan a complete email marketing strategy.
    • Idea Generation
    • Email Copywriting
    • Email Designing
    • Email Testing for responsiveness & browsers
    • Email Sending
    • Measuring the metrics such as click rate, open rate, etc.
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  • Email Marketing Iservices


  • Payperclick Chart
  • Pay Per Click Management

    Pay per click is not just about setting a campaign once; it’s about optimizing your campaign on daily basis. Our PPC management includes:
    • Keyword Research
    • Ad campaigns & ad groups creation
    • Creative ad designing
    • Landing page designing
    • Campaign optimization
    • Ongoing campaign monitoring
    • Research & analysis
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  • Mobile Marketing

    How many times have you checked a nearby restro or better deals on the move on your smartphones? This is the reason why mobile marketing can’t be ignored. The smartphones are now a part of our buying process. Mobile marketing can be done in different ways:
    • Mobile app marketing
    • Mobile Search Ads
    • Mobile Image Ads
    • SMS Coupons
    • QR codes
    • In-app ads
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  • Mobile Marketing


  • Conversionoptimisation
  • Conversion Rate Optimization

    Driving visitors to your website is easy but converting them into customers is a tough job. Conversion Rate optimization is all about studying visitors behaviors & their actions to make an actionable website.
    • Do you only have visitors but no sales?
    • Does your website have high bounce rate (visitors visiting one page & then leaving the website)?
    • Do you wish to increase actions (buy,download,contact) by visitors?
    • Do you want to optimize all pages for maximum conversions?
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