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  • Social Media Websites

    Social media has always been an essential instrument in promoting products and business. With the world becoming a global village it has, never has it been so easy to reach target markets with campaigns about your product to the very home of your consumer. Once the consumer is linked or subscribed to your product you can get the latest deals and offers to them within seconds. In today’s era success is synonymous to technology; we are the follower of the former and a pioneer of the latter.


  •    Social Media Optimisation


  • Social -brand -awareness
  • Social Brand Awareness

    Consumers buy into brands with their emotions, if there is no personal link to a product or service, and can’t see how either would improve their lives or help them solve a problem, then they are unlikely to purchase. We are determined to make your product socially sound and omnipresent in terms of the customer’s mind. We believe in making it a necessity rather than a simple supermarket product with hundreds of competitors.


  • Blogs and Site Linking

    iServices provide blogs which are based upon building an audience of potential customers for our clients. By coupling this with social media optimisation, our clients consistently grow their customer base month on month. The effectiveness of blogs is demonstrated by their popularity, with some 25 million bloggers, and a potential audience of the 429 million daily internet users. We also offer Site Linking; a process that is simply about linking your website with professional and popular blogs and write-ups that discuss on topic issues relating to your product. This is a fantastic service for any business as it does not just drive traffic to your site but it gives your business an authentic feel that keeps your customers assured.


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  • Content -writing -and -publishing
  • Content Optimisation and Publishing

    iServices have the best writers and publishing solutions. We believe that content writing is about quality writing and crafting perfect content that shows your product or service in the best light possible. Our copywriters are experienced in writing content that converts your website visitors into purchasing customers.


  • Semantic Analysis Techniques

    As a wise saying goes, “Power of a word is mightier than sword”, at iServices we understand that semantic analytics is simply about the words. We have designed a hierarchical framework of real-time semantic analysis and usage of terms that can raise page rankings and allow search engines to crawl your site easily. With a focus upon relevance rather than frequency, our writers create copy that is search engine friendly as well as useful to the visitor.


  •   Semantic -analysis -techniques


  • Custom Prints

    In today’s crowded marketplace and social media driven world, it is essential that your business stands out from the crowd; and whilst many of your competitors will be using standard templates for their flyers, brochures, letterheads, logos, T-shirts and websites, you can surpass them with customised designs that represent your business’ proposition.

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