Initiate your first conversation in LinkedIn

How to initiate your first conversation with leads in LinkedIn?

Linkedin1Creating a new business network through the website of LinkedIn is not difficult, but there are certain unspoken rules and regulations that cover all communication. If you do not know them, you could very quickly discover that you inadvertently offend people, and completely lose their interest or the chance to work with them. Here are our three top tips for initiating your very first conversation with leads in LinkedIn

Engage with leads using LinkedIn

Linkedin Leads 300X207How to engage with leads using LinkedIn?

LinkedIn is a great website that enables both employees and employers to reach out to others within their field. Those that are seeking jobs can make their CV available to hundreds of companies, and companies looking to head hunt have an automatic pile of talent just waiting for them. However, there is another excellent way that you are use LinkedIn, and that is to encourage sales.

PPC campaigns using Google Adwords

Google Adwords1 Many people spend a lot of time wondering about how exactly they can increase their online sales, but very little time actually doing anything about it. This is because they believe that it will be incredibly complicated and difficult to alter the way that they brand themselves, or even cost a lot of money in order to extend their online marketing. However, there is one very simple way that a business of any size can increase their online sales within days and that is through Google Adwords.

Engage users on Linkedin and Twitter

Twitter Linkedin 244X183Many companies do not believe that they need to invest in using Twitter or LinkedIn. They do not view them as valuable assets, and so completely ignore them. However, this is truly a mistake. By ignoring these two huge social media platforms, you are essentially depending on your potential customers to seek you out when in fact, it should be the other way around! The onus is on you to find new clients, and to encourage them to spend money with you. If you and your company have never considered using Twitter and LinkedIn in this manner, then you will need to know how to engage these users.

Healthy website


Why is it so important to have a healthy website?

Website Maintenance

There are many things that companies have to continuously juggle in order to stay successful; investors, consumers, product design, PR, it is a wonder that they manage to get any selling done at all! But amongst all of these different concerns, there is one that is vital, and it is often ignored or forgotten because people do not believe that it is important. However, having a healthy website is in many ways the best indicator that you have a healthy business. 

How to sell on Social Media?

Social Media Optimisation2

Social media is a wonderful way to keep in contact with our friends and families, especially if they live quite far away from us. But have you ever considered that social media is an excellent opportunity for you to start making new and exciting sales in a totally new area. If you start digging into the statistics, all of the signs point to the fact that ignoring social media as an avenue for sales is a big mistake. 

Ecommerce Transformation

E Commercewebsites

The world of the corner shop is slowly disappearing. It is much more common now for someone to buy their groceries, birthday presents, and even new car online, because the internet has made it so much more simple. Who would choose complicated when, within a few clicks of a button, it is possible to very easily purchase something that you would normally have to travel many miles to do. Of course, the benefits of selling on the internet are just as numerous for those that want to sell things!

Ecommerce Success

Starting up an e-commerce site: the do’s and don’t’s

Though it may appear to be nice and simple on the surface, e-commerce is wrought with trials and tribulations. There are several aspects of this new technology that need daily attention, from maintenance to website logistic issues. All of this is especially confusing for a newbie to the online world. But if you have no previous knowledge of retail sales and marketing, never fear! You will learn something new every day and the trick is to learn from your mistakes and keep growing as an internet savvy explorer. 

Looking for your next client

If you are in a client management or business development role, this article is for you. Finding a client in today’s fiercely competitive environment is 90% smart work and 10% hard work. Far too often both as a buyer and a seller of services I have noticed the business development people frequently lose track of the fundamental in their approach to winning clients and lose them even faster when it comes to retaining clients.

Finding Client

Grow Your Online Presence

Today’s buzz word, “social media”, can be a powerful and cost effective tool for current and prospect entrepreneurs to create a community, build new connections and grow their brands.

But yet I find this new channel of inbound communication is still highly under-utilized.

Many entrepreneurs want to be more active on social media, but they tend to struggle with how to get started and define a voice of their own. They also often ask me “What should I talk about?”


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