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    If we are asked to choose one, out of all the various aspects of marketing including the process of online marketing, marketing strategy, market research and market testing, what we consider to be the most important element is testing. This may sound surprising as there are so many factors in creating an effective campaign such as: communicating the right message, at the right time; reaching the right target audience; and, ultimately, getting the timing absolutely right, with the right offer. These factors emphasis just why testing is so important. By testing email and SMS campaigns, multiple landing pages, direct mail packages, keyword campaigns, and other marketing campaigns, you can find out what resonates best with your audience and set achievable expectations for campaign performance.



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  • Tactical -targeting
  • Tactical Targeting

    Once the strategies in the preparation of the marketing plan are established, the tactics to be used for implementation must be determined as well. These tactics include the means by which the message is being delivered, (e.g. e-mails, newsletters, blog posts, article marketing or social media). If a certain tactic is found to be ineffective, changes can be easily made without changing the strategic plan. An example of which may be where a campaign sees success through social media, but not through blogging, in which case more focus would be placed on social media marketing.”



  • Bulk marketing

    Email advertising is a great way to drive traffic to your website because it enables you to reach your targeted group of customers directly. Email marketing represents an extremely cost effective form of marketing, and can be utilised with a purchased database of customers, your reach is only limited by the amount of people in your target audience. Simplicity and style must be at the forefront when creating an email marketing campaign. It is about writing little but enough to stimulate an interest, the use of images and offers play a huge part in making an email marketing campaign a success.




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