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  • Mobile Advertising

    Mobile marketing is becoming ever more important as the number of smartphone users increases on a daily basis. iService have a wide variety of mobile marketing techniques to make the most out of this growing medium; whether through responsive web design or email marketing, we help clients on a daily basis to reach previously unreachable target markets. Mobile marketing includes SMS advertising, which can take your products and services to a huge audience base. This method takes advantage of the most widely used form of communicating in the modern day. For any business, developing media, business SMS, web to SMS, bulk SMS and SMS advertising offers a host of opportunities and advantages. With our team of software developers, iServices are experts in conducting a successful and sustainable mobile advertising campaign for your brand.

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  • Mobile -website -tagging
  • Mobile Website Tagging

    The line between the online content and the offline world is indeed quickly eroding. For years it has been common place to include a web address on marketing materials, package wrappers, and the signage, however, with limited access to computers and mobile web facilities it was not easy to access those addresses in an instant. This gap in access between the discovery and website visit, allows for any number of distractions that can render your marketing material useless. With developers churning out advanced mobile technology, creating ways to bring access to a website with ease and in an instant is an opportunity that should not be missed.


  • NFC apps

    The use of NFC tags, barcodes and QR codes provide an unprecedented opportunity to businesses to not only to provide consumers with an easy way to move from flyer to website, but additionally offer an innovative way to track marketing data as to how successful your campaign has been. This is achieved through mobile technology, which is used to scan the code on the flyer (or other marketing item); this then sends the customer to the online address specified by you. Data about these visits is then captured by our data analysis software, allowing businesses to hone their future marketing campaigns.

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  • Social -media
  • Social Media

    Social media marketing is a term that is being widely used to describe the various marketing techniques that are being focused on the social media sites such as Twitter, Facebook, YouTube and Pinterest. This particular method of marketing is very well designed to utilise the social websites where businesses are able to interact with customers on a personal level. It can also be used to gain the valuable insight into what customers really think about products and what they would like to see in an improved form. Our social media managers execute social media optimisation campaigns for your brand in the most effective manner to reach millions of the prospective customers.


  • Other Tools

    Technology is ever evolving and every other day there is a new innovation which is being launched in the market. iService keep up with the time, and endeavour to use the latest tools in mobile marketing to reach your prospective customer base.

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