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  • Web Optimisation - Organic

    If you are earnestly searching for the most powerful advertising tool you can utilise today, you should investigate the potential of organic search marketing. Organic search results are essentially the results that are not paid for by advertisers on search result pages. This means that the search engines use their algorithmic equations to find the content on the web that is highly related to the keywords entered into the search box. We at iServices use the right technology for executing organic web optimisation for your brand.


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  • Search Engine Optimisation (SEO)

    SEO can be a confusing venture for most people including business owners; even many so-called-experts can have a difficult time keeping a website at the top of the search engines. Search engines are constantly changing the ways they rank websites in an effort to bring consumers the most relevant website listings for their search query. The search engines also change their methods in order to stay ahead of dishonest companies that quickly learn how to manipulate search results. To keep on top of the relevant search listing for your product, our experts consistently update themselves on the ever changing search engine landscape and implement the necessary changes on our clients’ websites to help keep them ahead.


  • Tagging and Bespoke Targeting

    In today's ever changing and fast paced environment, every word is tagged. This began within the blog world, where writers would tag certain terms that represented their post. Today tagging is used across all social networks, and iServices have the expertise to allow your company to capitalise on this current trend.

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  • Search Engine Marketing (SEM)

    Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a strategy which is used to make websites more visible on search engines. To achieve this, various approaches can be taken, such as organic search engine optimisation, pay per click, social media optimisation and Paid Inclusion.


  • Pay Per Click (PPC)

    PPC is an acronym for ‘pay per click’; it is an advertising model used on websites where businesses pay an agreed upon amount, every time their advertisement is ‘clicked’. On the surface, pay per click marketing is pretty simple; search engines such as Google, Yahoo or Bing, provide listings (on the search engine results page) on a per-bid basis. This listing is in addition to their 'natural' (organic) search results, which are still powered by the various factors. The Google Ad Words and Yahoo ads appear on the right hand side and above organic search results. We work tirelessly to execute effective PPC campaigns for our clients’ brands, aiming to always keep them at the top of search listings.


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