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  • Digital Marketing

    Digital marketing has become an essential aspect in running a modern business. We analyse market intelligence to provide our clients with the most suitable and cost effective digital marketing solution to ensure that their business sees the growth it deserves. We provide clients with the best market penetration through a comprehensive marketing strategy that directly targets your audience. By utilising advanced technologies we are able to offer smart solutions, to business marketing problems; we make apps, web sites and can undertake thorough analysis of your website’s traffic, in addition to providing many other services that see our clients businesses advance beyond all expectations. Find out more about our digital marketing services


  •         Digital Marketing


  • Web And Mobile Development
  • Web and Mobile Development

    In recent years, Web and mobile development has become more dominant in society both socially and in business. Apps have become ingrained in our everyday lives, and the ever advancing operating systems of android, windows and ios provide businesses with opportunities to gain ground like never before. At iServices, we’re experts in crafting the perfect app for your business and your target market. By employing this advanced form of digital marketing, our client’s see growth that can only be achieved through innovative means. Find out more about our app and mobile development


  • Print Media

    Print media forms a more traditional, yet equally important part in many a businesses’ marketing strategy. We appreciate the complex procedures involved in crafting print media that is as effective as it can be. We additionally ensure that, through advanced website analysis, you can be sure of just how effective your campaign has been, allowing you to directly correlate sales with marketing efforts and their mediums. This can be achieved through the use of ‘QR’ codes that allow customers to move directly from flyer to website at a click of a button. Find out more about our print media solutions


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  • Data -analytics -and -crm ’s
  • Data Analytics and CRM’s

    Our approach for data analytics and customer relationship management (CRM) is a real time approach. We deal with software that ‘talks’ to us about your website visitors’ behaviour. This interactive software is equipped with a user friendly design, data analysis and automation as well synchronization of data within interoperable departments like sales, IT, technical support and other related departments. Our CRM development is agile enough to offer subscription-based web tools that are mostly developed on via cloud computing, and software as a service (SaaS) with the advanced capabilities of mobile data access and virtual private networks for the sales and technical staff that are working on-site in the remote locations.Find out more about our data analytics and CRMs


  • Branding and Targeting

    Branding and engaging target markets with the implementation of tools like six-sigma and lean is offered by iServices. We enable businesses to succeed in an extremely competitive global market place, and ensure that they become firmly established as a brand of choice. Through comprehensive targeting methods, we ensure that identify the nature of your target market, and draw upon the consumer behaviour that drives your industry. From this we are then able to implement an effective branding and product proposition. Our branding and targeting experts have been involved within their industry for many years, and have helped businesses cross continents and become global brands. Find out more about our branding and targeting services


  •   Branding -and -Targeting


  • Marketing
  • Marketing

    At iServices, we keep market penetration and market intelligence in mind before digging deep into the advanced marketing strategies we have at hand. At iServices, failure is not an option and we believe in testing the depth of the water with one leg to ensure the safeguarding of a company’s interests. In this competitive global market, we understand the importance of productivity while ensuring our products and those of our clients, are always in demand and asked for by the consumers.Find out more about our marketing services


  • Support

    iServices is determined to provide you with the best available methodologies and latest technical tools for the implementation of the task at hand. We believe strongly in customer satisfaction, including feedback analysis and the importance of our customer’s voice: we would certainly like to know how you and your customers feel. Our services are built upon cutting edge technologies that continually adapt to current research and developments that take place around the globe. We maintain quality with a strict follow up of the SLA (service level agreement) with our customers within the agreed time frames. Technology is what we deal in with the most varied coverage of “tailor-made services” according to your specifications. Find out more about our support


  •     Support