Branding and Targeting

  • Brand Planning and Designing

    When you think about the process of designing or redesigning your business's identity, think iServices. At iServices we apply a 5-step process to effectively design your business' brand image whereby the actual design is the very last step. We believe that in order to create a powerful brand you must first identify what image your business stands for and the perception you want consumers to have about your company. iServices consider who your target audience is and how your brand image may relate to them.

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  • Brand -awareness -and -marketing
  • Brand Awareness and Marketing

    It is no secret that consumer marketing is an ever evolving industry; one of the major recent developments is the role of email marketing and, with the emergence of mobile technologies, consumers are able to access emails at any time and from anywhere, allowing businesses to able to reach customers in an instant. For a fraction of the cost of other advertising mediums, email marketing has many benefits, including developing lasting relationships with customers or prospects, building loyalty from existing customers and enhancing overall brand awareness. Keeping your company in front of your customers on a relatively consistent basis is crucial for long-term marketing success.


  • Audience based Targeting

    Audience based targeting is a highly specialised field of marketing in which iServices are highly experienced. The first step we take is to encourage our clients to adopt the use of blogs and affiliate marketing techniques through the use of paid advertising. The aim of which is to increase our client’s reach by targeting subscribers to high quality blogs. In relation to paid advertising, iServices provide a concrete strategy for earning money through appropriately placed adverts on carefully crafted content.

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  • User -journey -and -conversion -based -targeting
  • User Journey and Conversion based Targeting

    Facebook advertising is an often overlooked option in a pay per click campaign. However, this is a fantastic platform because there is less competition than other PPC networks, resulting in lower prices and, consequently, a better return on investment. An additional advantage to the Facebook platform is that it provides a highly advanced and extremely specific tool in targeting potential customers. Despite these advantages, other Pay Per Click mediums remain an important element in a successful advertising campaign. iServices experts help clients on a daily basis in implementing successful campaigns that also consider the user’s journey from advert to purchase.


  • Competitors Analysis and Reporting

    Getting the most out of your business means not only understanding how you operate, but also what your competitors are doing. Competition drives so much of how businesses operate that understanding your position, expenses, focus and products or services compared to your rivals can give you an edge when it comes to marketing. Unfortunately, most business owners do not take into account all of the potential marketing information that they may have at their disposal; they may additionally focus upon cost cutting exercises, when in fact they could be benefitting from increased spend in other areas. Our expert consultants at iServices conduct extensive competitor analysis and reporting which allows your company to surpass the competition with ease.

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