Data Analytics and CRM’s

  • CRM’s

    The Microsoft Dynamics CRM is one of the most powerful customer relationship management systems out there; its strength lies in its flexibility, and iServices have the expertise to put the power of Microsoft Dynamics into your business. By coupling advanced programming resources, tools and platforms with the expertise of talented coders, iServices can create the CRM that takes your business forward.

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  • Web _analytics
  • Web Analytics

    Web analytics is the art of gaining insight from your website traffic and user behaviour during their visit. By drawing upon key parts of data, a detailed picture can be drawn of how your website is performing in terms of user experience. iServices help clients on a daily basis in improving their website conversions and pushing their online presence onwards and past their competitors.


  • Data Analysis

    Data analysis forms the very essence of effective marketing; the success of a marketing plan and marketing activities hinges on the quality of research and data analysis conducted. At iService we understand how crucial data analysis is to the success of our clients and to this end; we undertake data analysis with meticulous care, ensuring that you get the best information and data analysis on the target market.

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  • User -journey -plans
  • User Journey Plans

    The term “business analytics” is widely used within the information technology industry to refer to the use of computing to gain a detailed insight into consumer behaviour. The data may be obtained from a company’s internal sources, such as its enterprise resource planning application, data warehouses/marts, from a third party data provider or from public sources. Companies particularly seek to leverage the digitised data from transaction systems and the automated business processes in order to support ‘fact-based’ decision-making. Thus, the process of business analytics is a wide and varied category of computing, rather than a specific method, application or product.


  • Conversion Strategy

    One of the easiest ways to successfully enhance your business website conversion is to develop a comprehensive plan that has a focus on improving user experience. Such a plan designed to help you maintain not only short term, but also long term profitability. The first thing that we do with your conversion rates is to review both your past and the current strategies. We will review the various channels you use in order to market to your prospective customers, as each of the channels may need its own strategy. Conversion starts at the source, whether it's a PPC ad campaign or a tweet that drives the potential customer to your website, we can help you increase your conversions and, in turn, increase your profits.

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  • Segmentation
  • Segmentation

    Segmentation is a great way to perform market analysis because it involves a detailed break down of your market, in order to identify the most profitably target market. iServices can help you through in analysing your market, and provide you with the knowledge and resources to take full advantage of your new found market insights.