Print Media Services

Our media team can help with creative ideas

  • Creative Designing

    Creative graphic design is essential for marketing materials that have to make the right impact. Not only is there a need to craft aesthetically pleasing designs, but it additionally involved strategically employed colours and signs that work at a sub-conscious level. Through advanced designs, we provide our client’s with designs that communicate their USP in an instant. I addition to designing for traditional marketing materials, we also have designers that are highly adept at graphics design for website development; this ensures that our advanced back end technology is provided with the exterior it deserves.



  •     Creative Design


  • Business Stationary Printing
  • Business Stationary Printing

    For those looking for stationary printing for their business needs, iServices provide innovative, high quality designs, at affordable prices. Whether you need a logo printed on an envelope, or a complete service for your business cards, we can provide you with a print solution at a reasonable price. iServices: For all your business print needs.


  • NFC tagged, Barcode and OR Code Stationary

    The use of NFC tags, barcodes and QR codes provide an unprecedented opportunity to businesses to not only to provide consumers with an easy way to move from flyer to website, but additionally offer an innovative way to track marketing data as to how successful your campaign has been. This is achieved through mobile technology, which is used to scan the code on the flyer (or other marketing item); this then sends the customer to the online address specified by you. Data about these visits is then captured by our data analysis software, allowing businesses to hone their future marketing campaigns.



  •     Nfc Tagged


  • Custom Prints

    In today’s crowded marketplace, it is essential that your business stands out from the crowd; and whilst many of your competitors will be using standard templates for their flyers, brochures, letterheads, logos, T-shirts and websites, you can surpass them with customised designs that represent your business’ proposition.


  •  Custom Prints