Ecommerce Development

  • Basic Shopping Website

    We create a basic shopping website with important features. While creating a site, we particularly focus on basic elements of an e-commerce website. The entire exercise is aimed at increasing conversion rates. The payment gates are completely safe and secure. We create a simple shopping cart that helps in secure payments; It is easy to browse items, make multiple selections and seeing shipping and tax related information upfront.

  • Basic Shopping Website


  • Advance Ecommerce Website
  • Advance Ecommerce Website

    iServices create advanced Ecommerce websites by adding features that make it more effective. Advanced search results, online field validation, animated shopping carts, on the fly inventory tracking and video product demos are few features that enhances the effectiveness of ecommerce websites. Prove technologies have been used in these websites and shopping experience has been made quite interesting and engaging.


  • Multi-Channel API Integration

    For an authenticated user, this feature enables one to request Multi channel funnels data. Showing user interaction with varied sources of traffic over multiple visits before converting, relevant data can be derived from data regarding conversion path. Custom reports can be created using multi channel data. Multi channel data can also be integrated with business data. Multi channel funnels are directed in new environments.

  • Multi Channel API Integration


  • Shopping Cart And Security
  • Shopping Cart and Security

    In today’s world, where identity and credit card theft has become quite common, security of shopping cart has become a major issue. We at iServices take suitable measures to protect customers. We firmly follow standards set up by PCI Security Standards Security Council. We build and maintain a secure network and protect the data of a cardholder. We implement strong measures with regard to access control. Networks are regularly monitored and tested.


  • Product Management with CMS

    For the success of any website, product management plays a vital role. Consistent and high quality experience can be enjoyed by the users with an all encompassing and comprehensive web presence. Product management of a web shop/store has two aspects: management of CMS and management of a website. iServices offers you both aspects.

  • Product Management With CMS