• Plan – Create marketing strategy

    At iServices our focus is your product and your target audience. We look to ensure a marketing strategy based upon the target audience, our experience, your product and your branded value. Investment procurement with the most advanced and effective way of marketing, deep knowledge and retaining the faith of our consumer is the mark of quality which is deeply engrained in the social fabric of iServices. Here, we believe planning proven ideas and keeping obvious and hidden challenges in mind is the best way to flourish any kind of business.


  • Reach – Build and Audience

    At iServices, we believe in making your product/service more and more deeply penetrated in the market, the product/service must be available at a Business to business level as well as at consumer market levels throughout the service zone and in the reach of the end user/consumer. Marketing is at the heart of selling any product but without a great deal of reach there is no end result. We at iServices deal carefully when targeting audience with our marketing efforts aimed to make people think ‘yes this is the product/Service I am looking for’.


  • Act – Encourage interactions

    We believe in interaction!! The more we are talked about the more we sustain in the market, and thus, we build up more capabilities to encourage interactions between our clients and consumers. Although the basic principles of marketing still remain, one of the key developments within the industry is the need to build consumer relationship. The emergence of technology has meant that there are more players within the market place, most which are selling the same products or services at similar prices. The real edge comes down to how well a company can generate interaction with its customers and potential customers in relation to other competitors in the market place. This is where iServices comes in, all our activities are geared towards your consumers and we always aim to give you that edge, to keep you one step ahead. With iServices, you will not only be able to engage with a wider reach of consumer but we will help you sustain your relevance to them over time.





  • Convert -to -lead -or -sale
  • Convert – to lead or sale

    Capturing a potential business are the basic for lead conversion, here at iServices, we do not commit to false promises or lay a weak foundation, but we believe in developing a relationship with the client. From the data analysis through our various customer relationship tools we know exactly what the customer requires and how to convert a raw lead into a dedicated client.


  • Engage – Develop Relation

    Once we are done in delivering quality in close association with punctuality of service, we ensure that what you say is what you deliver and thus a relationship is built on the firm foundation of trust and experience. To survive in the market, you have to have allies, real allies and partners who understand the risk and stand unanimously to support you in critical times. I-Service is certainly a great ally to have in your corner.

  • Engage -develop -relation


  • View -complete -PRACE-framework
  • View complete PRACE framework

    To ensure perfect focus on the activities related to marketing, we structure our program according to RACE network. Using this framework, we are capable of taking digital marketing to the next level by reviewing and improving our approach. RACE or Reach, Act, Convert and Engage are perfect strategies for ensuring the healthy growth of a business.